AnyBODY can be a parent and anyBODY can experience a difficult birth whether it occurred within your own physical body or not.  I work with parents of all gender expressions and sexual orientations and welcome individuality, complexity, and uniqueness with open arms and an open heart.   AnyBODY can be impacted by a difficult birth whether it be physically, emotionally, or spiritually and it is not only "mothers" or "females" who experience birth physiologically or psycho-socially.  If you have any questions regarding whether or not we would be a good fit together or if what I do is right for you, please don’t hesitate to CONNECT with me.

A focus and core component of my practice is supporting parents who have experienced difficult births.  This can mean many things...giving birth and bringing another life into this world is an important and tremendously challenging experience which can have many unforeseen paths.  Whether you are the individual physically experiencing the birthing process or a partner witnessing the moment, there can be immediate and/or lasting waves of physical and emotional difficulties that can ripple through and effect your life.  These paths are endless and unique to each of us and might include premature births, medical challenges for parent and baby, birth trauma/fear, loss over not experiencing the birth that was planned or wanted, judgement concerning birth choices, discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender expression, or grief from losing the little one you carried.  Every birth story is unique, important, and special and no matter how it unfolds, you deserve to be heard.  Because giving birth is a physical act, using the body to process is an essential part of integrating the experience and can shed light on and bring healing to parts of one's inner world that can not be accessed only through verbal expression.  My work is to witness, listen, hold space, and journey with you as you explore your birth story and the impacts it has had on your life.  Below are some examples of difficult birth situations....

  • Premature Births

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Stays

  • Medical complications of person giving birth or the baby

  • Birth Trauma

  • Coming to terms with not having the type of birth that one wanted or planned

  • Loss of a fetus or baby

  • Preparing to give birth again after having already experienced a difficult birth

  • Guilt/Shame associated with your experience of giving birth

  • Connecting to your baby after a difficult birth

  • Antenatal (or prenatal) depression

  • Postpartum depression