I have spent my life using my body to express myself.  As a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist, I offer those I work with the opportunity to do the same.  I hold firmly to the belief that the mind and body are not separate, but are in fact linked and that exploring this connection in the present moment, both verbally and non-verbally, has healing and therapeutic effects.  

Receiving my Master's degree from Naropa University in Somatic Counseling Psychology and working at Windhorse Community Services, Inc provided me an opportunity to combine and develop my interests in neuroscience, therapeutic methodology, dance/movement, and mindfulness/awareness practices.  The development of my therapeutic style was an organic process growing out of my own life experiences, graduate training, time spent working with individuals experiencing extreme states, and with parents who have struggled to process challenging birth experiences.

My own journey as a cisgender woman and mother has ignited in me a passion to support others on their journey into parenthood.  There is no other act that is as vulnerable and powerful as that of giving birth.  For many of us birthing is not just a physical experience, but also a psycho/social/emotional one.  The birth of my son has taught me many things, the most important thing being that we do not have control.  We don't have control over what type of birth we will have or the impact it will have on our lives.  What we can control and decide is when and how to get support. It is my belief that integrating the intensity of the birth experience can take time and effort and needs to be approached with the understanding that what happens in the body has an effect on the mind and what is present in the mind is held in the body.